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Adaptec Serial ATA RAID AAR-2410SA/64 M

Výrobca: ADAPTEC
Záručná doba: 24 mesiacov
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Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 2410SA


The Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 2410SA is a 4-port I/O processor-based native SATA RAID controller ideal for high-end workstations and entry-level servers. Advanced features include Optimized Disk Utilization, Online Capacity Expansion, and RAID Level Migration. Adaptec Storage Manager provides centralized management for Adaptec host-based RAID controllers. Enclosure management support. RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10, and JBOD.

Supported Operating Systems
  Microsoft Windows
Novell NetWare
Red Hat Linux
SuSE Linux
SCO UnixWare
SCO OpenServer
VMware ESX Server

For a detailed list see ASK Answer ID 10935
  Advanced RAID features for high-end workstations and entry-level SATA servers.
Key Differentiators
  • Optimized Disk Utilization
  • RAID Level Migration
  • Online capacity expansion
  • Background initialization (for immediate RAID availability)
  • Enclosure Management ready
  • Hot-swap disk drive support for easy replacement
  • Hot-spare disk support with automatic rebuild
  • Supports bootable arrays
Customer Needs
  Ideal for workstations as well as entry-level servers requiring advanced RAID features and supporting up to four Serial ATA drives
System Environment

Max. array size: 2TB
Max. physical disk drive size: 1TB

Cache Memory
  64 MByte (onboard)
RAID Levels
  0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD
Key RAID Features
  • Optimized disk utilization
  • Online RAID Level Migration
  • Online capacity expansion
  • Immediate RAID availability (background initialization)
  • S.M.A.R.T. support
Number of devices
  Up to 4 Serial ATA drives

Bus System Interface Type

  64-bit/66MHz PCI
Internal Connectors
  Four Serial ATA ports
Data Transfer Rate
  Up to 1.5 Gbits/sec
System Requirements
  Available PCI slot meeting PCI 2.2 specification